Stream media from PC & Cloud

  • Access files from your PC, Mac and Laptop on your mobile devices
  • Access files from multiple cloud services like Dropbox & Google Drive
  • Always listen to your music or watch your videos on your mobile device
  • You might forget the word 'sync'

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Remote media streaming

With AirStream stream movies, music & photos from Computers and multiple cloud apps. Our custom media center supports multiple video codecs, subtitles, importing iTunes playlists, etc.

PC on Mobile

Most of our files & media are still stored in our Computers. With AirStream access all your media & files from your Computers and Laptops on mobile devices. We support Windows, Mac & Linux.

Multiple Clouds

We all use multiple cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive and on mobile we have to open multiple apps to access our files. AirStream provides access to files from multiple cloud apps.

How it works

  • After installing the AirStream app, you can start accessing Dropbox & Google Drive straightaway
  • To access your computer, download & install the PC-Suite from here. Choose the OS of your preference.
  • Register & login using same credentials on both PC & Mobile. Mobile app will detect the Computer automatically and will let you browse & access PC files.
  • If required make a firewall exception for AirStream-Suite in your PC.
  • To watch a movie or play a song -> browse, click, sit back and enjoy!!

Our story

We believe information binds the world together. In an ideal world there should not be any boundaries in accessing & sharing information, at the end of the day its you who own it. We imagine a world where it is easy to access your personal content across devices, computers and cloud services from anywhere. Thats what we are upto, to break down the closed walled ecosystems of different devices and services. Similarly provide the freedom to share personal content with anyone.

We have taken the first step by providing access to your personal computers and multiple cloud apps on Mobile devices, we provide access to Dropbox & Google Drive. Overtime we will add support to multiple mobile devices. The crux of our offering is media content. Because media is something that you care about most.. the little joys in our life.. your best collection of movies, your finest music and memories captured in photographs. Too long they have been locked down in your computers with no easy way to access them. With AirStream you can access them all on your smartphones & tablets.

What do people think?

Really useful and simple I am happy I found this app, it was the exact thing what I have been looking for.

Nika Bakhsoliani April 17, 2014

Superb !!!! Works well with my pc ! Can stream videos , music , pics ,files . Even faster transfer rate than normal copy paste ! ... you guys are awesome.

Shayan Sen Gupta April 17, 2014

Fantastic! Very good! I have been in trouble with samsung link and then I have found this app. Fantastic! I can stream all my HD videos in all my devices now..!! Thank you very much!

Raphael Pedro Ricci April 7, 2014

Holy Impressiveness Air Stream is the awesome answer to all my streaming needs. Where do I donate?

Cristobal Lopez March 16, 2014

Awesome app! Speechless!! It is the best app! Video streaming is amazingly fast. Even for the videos having subtitles.

Heramb Lonkar March 19, 2014

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